Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 1

Day 1.

The plane trip.

So first of all, after being a pretty veteran flier, This trip was like nothing I've never done before. I didn't know what to expect before getting on the plane. What kind of plane, would they have power outlets, wireless internet, TVs? Well we flew a 747 which is your basic plane just with a ton more seats. Two outside rows with three seats each, and a middle row with four seats. The plane was pretty packed, luckily the person in the seat in front of me was not there. So I had the luxury of not worrying about bothering that person. Only problem with that set up though was I had the middle seat. And By some power beyond me, the person sitting on the isle seat slept about 90% of the trip. so I didn't want to be rude and wake him up multiple times to stretch my legs or go to the bathroom. I actually found my self sneaking over him a few times so i wouldn't have to wake him. The planes etiquette i guess we can call it was completely different from any plane I've been on.(My experience of planes only include short trips through our the states). Usually you stay in your seat unless you have to go to the bathroom, do so, then return right to your seat. On the whole plan trip there, people seemed to form a standing zone where multiple people met up and talked for a while(including my self for a bit) A few hours into the 13 hour flight they came around and told us to shut out windows, and turned all the cabin lights off. Almost like they were trying to allow everyone to go to sleep. The only problem with that is I find it impossible to sleep on a plane. Luckily I had a few friends to sit next to to keep me awake and entertained the whole time. I don;t I've slept in over 24 hours now. It's kind of hard to figure it out because of the time difference ( were about 13 hours ahead of Michigan).


This was probably the first culture punch in the face of a language barrier. Only to be followed by many, many, many more I have a feeling. But after standing in a line for a bit, you had to go and talk to a rep one by one. Some people got off easy with a few questions, not me. My person didn't seem to understand anything I was saying, and I'm sure I wasn't helping the situation out very much.

After all that it's been a pretty normal trip. Everyone from class met up, got our luggage and met up with Don, our photo instructor from back home. He's been here since Thursdays getting everything set up. We are currently on a charter bus driving roughly 2-3 to our new home for the next two weeks.

Just a fun little time line since i guess you could consider this "time travel"
SUNDAY MAY 9TH. Stayed up until 5am. Work up at 9am. Took off from Detroit around 4:30 PM. Landed in Japan MONDAY MAY 10th around 6PM( 5AM Michigan time) And we'll arrive back "home" around 9:30,10PM

P.S. Sorry for the bad grammar and spelling, it's been a long day.

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