Saturday, May 22, 2010

Oh look, a deer.

Today we went to Nara.
Nara is a city known for a few things, but probably most known for the wild deer. Everywhere you look, there are friendly, wild deer walking around. and when I say everywhere, i mean EVERYWHERE. At first, it was really cool getting to see theses thing. After awhile, it get less exciting. Then later it just gets annoying. So feeding deer aside, Nara also has the largest Buddha ever made. Some fun little facts, Todai-Ji is the temple the holds this Buddha. It stands at just under 50 feet high(well, sits), weights roughtly 500tons(That's over 1 million pounds) and is made entirely of wood. Around the temple there were other statues, but none that compared to this one.
Lastly, I had a wonderful experience with my dinner, for a change. Our teacher took us to a place that made these pancake like means. It basically was a pancake base with whatever you wanted in/ontop of it. I got a pizza pancake, being the picky, non daring eater that I am. it consisted of pancake, pizza sauce, cheese, and corn. It came with other toppings that I wasn't interested in too.

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