Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hikone history

The other day we were given the oppertunity to get to see some of Hikone's history. After a short bike ride from the school, we found ourselves standing at the base of a castle. Now castles here in Japan are different from a castle in England. Castles here are more of a last resort to retreat to for safty, unlike other castles which royalty will live in. After climbing up about 100 off set steps, you find yourself at the top of the hill. Once you catch your breath and rest for a bit after a good work out, you'll find the Hikone castle, which is open to the public. Inside the castle you'll find your self lost in several empty rooms. Rooms that are only about 5ft6in high(I'm about 6ft as a reference...) And after navigating through some very, very, very steep stairs, you find your self at the very top of the castle, over looking all of Hikone.(And boy are you looking over Hikone, in true castle form)

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